Hand DIY Tools and all the things you need to know about them. Welcome to my site

I have been doing DIY all my adult life, I have renovated 2 houses SUCCESSFULLY :) and love tools both electric, battery operated or manual.

DIY Hand toolsIf I am playing around in the shed then I have to admit to loving the hand tools.

Most of them belonged to my dad who taught me most of my DIY skills.

He used to laughingly tell me about his favorite hammer that had 3 new handles and 2 new heads. But I still have his hammer.

I get a lot of satisfaction in using his old tools the feel of them in my hand the cutting motion or the drill bit peeling the wood for a dowel joint or just the feel of the file taking the metal od according to my pressure and movement.

Gee whiz I do go on don’t I. Now that I have retired I have the time rant and pass on some of my knowledge to whoever will listen.

  • Some of things I want to pursue on this site are:
  • help people with the selection of hand DIY tools for what purpose.
  • give hands on project advice
  • help on pitfalls to avoid in DIY
  • some things not to do
  • and some things to have a go at

I would like to even get into the basics of maintenance of your hand tools which will increase their longevity. Care and proper storage of your manual DIY tools and you electric tools for that matter will enable them to last and serve you for many years to come.

I still have the shadow board for my hand DIY tools that my dad mad and in due course I will share his plans that helped him build a shed board that has lasted some 60 years.



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